March 15, 2004

Al Qaeda Wins One In Spain

The Spanish tragedy deepened Sunday when Al Qaeda, after murdering hundreds of innocent Spaniards, got what it wanted. The courageous government of Prime Minister Aznar was ousted by the defeatist Socialist weasels. Apparently the Spaniards blame Spain's participation in the Iraq war, not Al Qaeda, for the attack.

This event bodes ill for the future. Al Qaeda must now believe it can influence elections by carefully timed acts of mass murder. Don't be surprised if there is a major terrorist attack in this country before November.

Meanwhile, Spain is well on the way to dhimmitude. With a birthrate well below replacement levels, Spain is a target for immigration from North Africa. The weasel multiculturalists do not see the danger. If nothing changes, Spain will be part of the Maghreb by 2050. And the Islam that will reign will not be the tolerant variety that sometimes existed before the Reconquista.

A doubly tragic week!

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