June 4, 2005

Another Nekkid Emperor(ress)(thing)

This piece puts in writing a thought I've had since I read about Harvard's allocation of $50 million to appease the diversity demonesses:

Every college in the country has been frantically pursing “diversity” in hiring and admissions for decades. The task force itself commends the diversity policies of 17 rival colleges—the mere tip of the iceberg—without drawing the obvious conclusion.

The second obstacle follows from the first: there is nothing more that can be done. If untapped pools of highly qualified female and minority candidates existed out there, schools would have snapped them up long ago—if not your college, then its dozens of competitors, just as desperate to placate the quota gods.

How many undiscovered sages with enough X-chromosomes or melanin are there out there waiting for the ferrets of Cambridge to find them? Couldn't poor, groveling Larry Summers put his hands through a buzzsaw and still have enough fingers to count them?

And we parents are supposed to find (or our children to borrow) tens of thousands of dollars to send our children to these citadels of idiocy!

There. So endeth my rant. Amen.

(Why don't I feel better?)

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