December 24, 2005

The Doc Was On To Something

One of my favorite blogs is The Doctor Is In, written by a Seattle urologist who goes by the name of "Dr. Bob."

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans floods, Dr. Bob wrote a piece about allegations of euthanasia in one New Orleans hospital, Memorial.

At the time, as I recall, there was much discussion in his comments section about whether this report was genuine or something akin to an urban legend. I was a bit skeptical.

It now appears, though, that fire may be causing all that smoke. At least Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti thinks so, because there is an ongoing investigation.

I'm not going to prejudge the investigation. But even the fact that the stories arising out of this event are so plausible leads one to ponder a society that increasingly has a purely instrumental view of life and death.

Ideas, as Richard Weaver argued, have consequences. What if our "enlightenment" is in fact "a covenant with death and a treaty with Hell"?

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