July 8, 2006

We Conjure Leonard Pinth-Garnell

People's Council BoBo Laguna Beach has installed a new public sculpture in front of its City Hall.

Known as "the People's Council," and costing 80 large, it's a subject of controversy.

We conjured the spirit of critic Leonard Pinth-Garnell, who gave the sculpture his nod of approval, and in the course of the séance, offered us these comments:
"Stunningly bad!"
"Monumentally ill-advised!"
"Couldn't be worse!"
"Exquisitely awful!"
"Astonishingly ill-chosen!"
My mother was a sculptor in stone, and there's a lot of work in the piece.

But, say no more, it's public art. Of course, we could have had the Britney piece. Lord, we are grateful for small favors.

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