July 5, 2007

Doctors Who Kill

The recent scary-but-inept attempted bombings in England led Gabriel Schoenfeld on Contentions to do a riff on the falsified Doctor's Plot in Stain's last days, which apparently intended as a prologue to an anti-Jewish purge. Schoenfeld then goes on to quote a rather odd CAIR press release repudiating the doctors' acts and claiming they have no connection to Islam.

A better analogy would be one between the English and Scottish attempts and one Baruch Goldstein, an American Jewish physician who settled in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and ended up slaughtering Arabs in a shrine sacred to both religions.

Let's be clear. Goldstein was far more on the fringes of Judaism than the would-be bombers in London and Glasgow are on the fringes of Islam.

But there you are. Doctors do kill in the name of their God, more often than we'd like to notice.

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