August 15, 2007


One of the better flicks I've seen lately.

It's a "perfect crime mastermind" vs. "young DA" but well acted by Anthony Hopkins, who can do no wrong, and Ryan Gosling.

It has actual dialogue and engages the brain. Will wonders never cease?


nblaw said...

Hi David,
I agree. However, when I reviewed it, I questioned whether the ending was legally sound. About a day or two later, Prof. Volokh did the same thing. What do you think?
Take care,

Grumpy Old Man said...

My head is spinning after reading the Volokh review and comments.

"Witness For the Prosecution" with Marlene Dietrich has a similar plot twist.

The DA would find a way to prosecute Hopkins for something. At a minimum, conspiracy (with the crooked detective).

TK said...

I don't know for legally sound--but God, I love that Anthony Hopkins. Great flick.