October 2, 2007

Two Christian Convervative Takes on Rudy

Apparently Dr. Dobson has threatened to support a third party candidate if Rudy Giuliani gets the nod. Apparently this twice-divorced, cross-dressing pro-choicer is too much for him, although I suspect it's the New Yorker in the guy that gets to him. After all, Mitt Romney is a Mormon and therefore an Arian, and manages to be both a political chameleon and an automaton.

Joe Carter agrees with the good doctor and goes through a game theory riff to say he'd never vote for Rudy.

The Anchoress reprises the story of the Pharisee and the publican to suggest that the likes of Dobson and Carter are arrogant and self-congratulating.

I think Carter and Dobson are being a bit self-congratulatory on their virtue, and yet--in politics, there's no compulsion to vote for someone you disagree with or even dislike.

I happen to like Rudy's style and recognize that on social issues, the President isn't very important. His judicial appointments are the main thing, and I don't think Rudy will be worse on that score than any of the others. What I fear is that Rudy will be an international adventurist. Appointing the warmonger Norman Podhoretz as a foreign policy adviser is not a good omen.

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