May 21, 2008

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This one's for dog castration protest poetry.
Memory still foggy--
Car ride; vet; deep sleep; now pain.
What's this 'round my neck?

So I humped your leg.
It's my duty as a dog.
A bit drastic, no?

Tell me it ain't so.
I thought I was "man's best friend"..
Better hide your shoes...

- dave


Hans Lundahl said...

How do you like the custom in León? Dogs procreate freely, at the end of one year, when male puppies have become nearly adult, there is a race, the winner alone lives, the other ones hang.

I say: at least they had a life before that.

Nikki said...

I'm speechless.

Hans Lundahl said...

I did not see it myself. I met a survivor of that custom. With his new owner. She was not speechless, otherwise he would not have survived.