October 10, 2008

They Finally Face Facts

The Zionofascists at Commentary's contentions are finally facing facts:
Unless McCain can make a passionate and convincing case that Obama’s is not just “risky” on character and judgment but badly misguided on policy, the voters will decide he’s the best shot they have for changing course and arresting the economic chaos played out before them. Perhaps they already have.
Jennifer Rubin's recipe: personal attacks. But of course Obama comes from a pinko milieu. Wasn't that always the point? Here's another zf,  Peter Wehner:
It’s true that in politics, things can change fast. For the sake of John McCain, they better. He is now in the position of having to engineer a remarkable political comeback. It’s possible, but it’s not the place you want to be less than a month away from an election.
Maybe the country's not ready for a spade in the White House, but it's not ready for another four years of the GOP, either.

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