December 28, 2008

Wrong From the Beginning

Like the rest of the world, I'm watching the events in Gaza with dismay. If this proportion of deaths were occurring in the US, the dead on the first day would number 46,000.

First Israel, with help from Egypt, starved the Gazans. Some Gazans responded with unlawful, but largely ineffective homemade weapons, as well as despicable suicide attacks. Now, however, Israel is killing policemen and schoolgirls from the air, and apparently intends to go on doing it (until what?) No end in sight.

These are war crimes. "Strategic bombing" is a war crime. Supplying high-tech weapons, knowing the track record of the Israelis, is also a war crime.

Pro-Zionists will argue that Israel has a right to defend itself. Perhaps, from a short-term perspective.

Zionism, despite the hollow pronouncements of some of its early leaders, could only have meant what it ultimately accomplished--the expulsion or elimination of the indigenous population, based upon a newly-discovered interpretation of the Jewish religion. Unfortunately, however crudely and stupidly led, the indigenous population has refused to acquiesce in its dispossession.

Meanwhile, Zionism has meant the uprooting and destruction of small Jewish communities the world over, the extinction of their languages, and their subjection to the religious dictates of pettifogging Ashkenazic rabbis, whom the secular state has empowered.

It has also created a claque for the most aggressive and mindless U.S. policies.

In short, although I have defended the existence of Israel notwithstanding my rejection of its mythology, I must recognize another truth, "Zionism poisons everything." That proposition is the beginning of wisdom. It is the same idea that the French officer expresses in the film "The Battle of Algiers," if you want to keep this place, implicit in the wish are the tactics we employ.

Whether some form of accommodation is still possible, or whether the best solution is the evacuation of Israel, which has already begun through voluntary emigration, which now exceeds immigration, I do not know.

I do know this: Zionism poisons everything.


Wellsy said...

Careful, lest you be labeled an anti-Semite.

Grumpy Old Man said...

It probably comes with the territory.

"Self-hating" also comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians are the war criminals here, not the Israelis. Jews are the people who are indigenous to this area. Muslims have been trying to kill them off for a long time now. Israel has every right to self-defense, and they've been way more patient than I would have been. If I'd been in charge, there would be no Palestinians left because I would have given them an ultimatum to cut the crap or be wiped out.

Grumpy Old Man said...

Jews are indigenous to Gaza?

Even in Biblical times, Gaza was one of the five cities of the Philistines (from whose name "Palestine" came).

The Jews were defeated in AD70 and went into exile. Even the Orthodox Jews say it was because of sin. After the fall of the Temple, they had to completely reinvent their religion, which was centered around the now-destroyed Temple.

Among its many contradictions, Zionism was invented by atheists, but relies upon a supposed Biblical promise. I am prepared to say that the Israelis are now established and have some rights on that score. The right to semi-starve and bomb civilians is not one of them, however.

TRex said...

And so, I suppose, in the face of continuous terror tactics of the Islamists, Israel should just lie there and take whatever Hamas (and their predacessors) decide to dish out?

Do you need reminded that Hamas's constitution calls for the destruction of Israel, and that Islam in general presuposes the destruction of all cultures but its own?

I think you have a wierd view of history and world affairs.

Grumpy Old Man said...

Hamas's tactics and pronouncements are nasty, indeed.

So is starving the entire Gazan population.

So is aerial bombing of dense urban areas.

So was stealing a country in the first place.

TK said...

Couldn't agree more, Grumpy.

dw said...

"Hamas's tactics and pronouncements are nasty, indeed.

So is starving the entire Gazan population."

What does Gaza produce? How do they live and eat when nasty Israel is tolerating and not killing their patriotic Hamas? What is the national origin of the so called Palistinians? how many immigrated there after Israel was REINSTATED? What happened to the Jewish homes and property when they were forced to flee into the New State of Israel? Why did the Arab world demand that all Arabs leave the new state of Israel when Israel welcomed them to stay? What persent of Israeli citizens are of Aribic decent? are they equal with jews in their citizenship?

The Romans carved out Palistine and if the biblical Philistines are justification for Palistinian independence then what of Israel's right to fight and survive and not allow an irrational sociopathic enemy on their doorstep to have any power against them.. I'd love to see the reaction of some here if an enemy were killing and maimimg your loved ones and calling for your utter destruction.

Where do the Palistinians get their medical attention, their jobs and electricity? LMAO.

'Facts are irevelant, it is the bature of the accusation.' is the name iof the game for the progressive liberal fascist.

If I were Hamas I would love the Western Liberal and hate Western Christianity. Islam is a theocracy and not a political ststem. Hard to remember that Palistinians are Muslims. I wonder why?

Grumpy Old Man said...

dw, dw, whoever you are, where to begin in picking apart your diatribe?

If we go back to Roman times to parcel out real estate to modern peoples, we start by sending the Anglo-Saxons back across the Channel and the French (Franks) back across the Rhine.

The reality is that the vast majority who lived in Palestine when Zionist settlement began were Christian and Muslim Arabs, with a sprinkling of pious Jews. If you say Israel is there by right of conquest, fine, but don't put on Biblical airs. The Jews lost the wars in 70 and 135, and used to believe they had to live with the consequences.

Are the Palestinians paragons of Hong-Kong-esque enterprise or Athenian civic virtue? Hardly. They are, however, children of God, just as you and I.

I don't want to pay for the bullets, guns, bombs and planes that slaughter God's children, who have done nothing to us.