January 27, 2009

On the Abuse of the Dead

Even our dead are not safe. They have been called up, disturbed, dredged from their mass graves and forced to testify against their fellow human beings in pain, to confess a hatred that was alien to them and to offer themselves up as justification for a new cycle of suffering in Palestine. Their ghosts have been enlisted to help displace fellow Jews from Arab homelands, and to bequeath to them that same alien hatred, conscripting those of us descending from Arab lands to become enemies of our own memory and past.

--International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

HT: Philip Weiss


Abe Bird said...

On the Abuse of the Live!

What you say? Blaming Israel for the Arab Palestinian atrocities?
Ain't the Arabs responsible for their own doing?
Why do you accept the Arab right to murder Jews, civilians, kids, women and say that it is outrageous for the Jews to react and fight against the Muslim incursions?
I have never understood your kind of "logic"!
Just read the Hamas convention
and try to understand what kind of people you defend !!!
Be ashamed!!!!

Grumpy Old Man said...


You're in the grip of precisely the kind of emotion I'm talking about. Hitler killed Jews 65 years ago, so anyone who criticizes Israel is some kind of SS-man.

To use this technique to silence critics is particularly vile.

Nowhere have I ever accepted the right of anyone to kill civilians. That goes for Arabs and Jews. Americans, too, for that matter.

Editor said...

Anyone who sucks off the pipe of philip weiss usually expects that he too will be spared by the communists and the jihadis.

Its faux "they are all to blame" "balanced" bloggers like you who give cover to the real tyrants: followers of the koran and karl marx.

Stop wastiung bandwidth - you are in the way of REAL fighters against the left and jihad.