April 1, 2005

Blockade Causes Run On Tahiti Gas Supply

Followers of ex-Presidnet Gaston Flosse, a.k.a. the Ferdinand Marcos of Polynesia, have been blockading the port of Papeete, including the petroleum products storage depot. They are members of the GIP or Polynesian Intervention Group, which is supposed to be a disaster relief agency, but doubles in brass as a gang of toughs.

The blockaders claim to be protesting the replacement of their Director by an appointee of the newly-elected President of Polynesia, Oscar Temaru. In fact, rumor has it that Flosse is behind this as a way to create a crisis and return to power -- and especially to avoid an investigation of his notorious corrupton.

As a result of the blockade, there has been a run on gasoline in Papeete, the capital.

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