April 9, 2005

The Inspid Led By the Arrogant

George Soros and others have funded a Yale Law School conference on The Constitution in 2020.

One of the two lead speakers was law professor Cass Sunstein, something less than an ornament of the University of Chicago. Sunstein wants to establish a "Second Bill of Rights" that will enshrine rights to economic equality, as opposed to the present Bill, which is a restriction on what the federal gummint can do to the people.

Talk about arrogant elitists completely divorced from the society they would blithely reform.

And some bandy about the label "progressive", as in this booshwah:

It strikes me that we freely use the term “progressive,” but it isn’t clear that we have an articulable definition. While I’m not suggesting that we should or could reach consensus, I do believe we need to achieve some clarity. Right now, the progressive movement is dancing around the issue. We need to do more than erase “liberal” and substitute “progressive” or add “not” in front of “conservative.” Without some guideposts, it will be difficult for us to articulate our understanding of the Constitution and where we want to be in 2020; to define our understanding of the roles of Congress, the President, the courts, and state and local government; or to build a movement – distinct but related tasks.

This stuff makes me as sick as Larry Summers made Nancy Hopkins.

See my earlier post on "progressive" here.

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