February 5, 2006

Sunday Photo No. 1: Family Dynamics

My web friend, the "Good Inger," has been posting interesting photos, mostly family pictures, every Sunday. I thought I'd lay off politics a bit and flatter the G.I. in the sincerest way I can.

When I was about 10, and my sister Phoebe about 5, our father hired a professional photographer to do "candid" shots of the family. Note the white shirts, ties, and nice dresses.

I doubt, pace Margaret Mead, that one can deduce a family dynamic from one picture. I did, however, often have a book in my hand; still do, or if not a book, a laptop. On the other hand, I doubt Phoebe will say I was isolated while she got all the attention.

My parents went through some rough times, but stayed together for over three decades. We, for sure, are the better for it. I think they were, too.

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