February 11, 2006

Sunday Photo No 2: Sewer Rats

This is a pictue of Katharine's 12th birthday party from last year.

This year, even as I write this post, a sleepover with no less than 15 guest girls is beginning, in honor of Katharine's 13th birthday. Except that the girls are taller and more grown-up looking, I suspect that this year will be much like last year.

A feature of these sleepovers is a game, "Sewer Rats," that starts around 11:00 pm, when adults have been shooed downstairs to their bedrooms. Apparently an invention of these girls, it involves scurrying around on all fours with flashlights in the dark, and grabbing people. It's harmless, but sounds like a herd of moose crossing a wooden bridge. Some of the girls got scared and chose to sleep downstairs.

Most of the girls in this cohort have known one anoher since the first grade at Top of the World school, and many have been in Daisies, Brownies, and Girl Scouts together (a nice thing about a small city). A few girls have become part of the group more recently. They are lively, intelligent, responsible girls. This group distinguishes itself from another set in middle school whom they call the "shallow girls." Yes, they show their claws every now and then.

My now adult daughter Daniela, who went to an alternative school, at about this age referred to certain girls from the regular schools as "hair dryer girls," because they brought hair dryers to a mountain cabin.

In the photo, Katharine is wearing a dark blue T-shirt and pink PJ pants. She's the short one with the long, straight, dark hair. Katharine was delighted to have grown to five feet as of last week.

Beer (only a little), blogging, a Tivoed edition of "24" and the printed word will get me through this, the Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

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