May 30, 2006

Immigration Politics Shifting

A John Fund column in the intensely pro-immigration Wall Street Journal suggests that the political ground is shifting on the illegal immigration issue. There's a grass-roots revolt, apparently, even in places like Connecticut.

It seems elementary to me that a sovereign nation needs to control its borders, and before any form of amnesty, disguised or not, is passed, we need to do that.
  • Build the fence, and tighten up the Canadian border, too.

  • Build enough detention facilities for apprehension to mean deportation.

  • Enforce employer sanctions (Bush isn't).

  • Restrict or tax remittances.

  • Train local law enforcement in immigration law, so they can enforce it, at least for arrestees.

  • Cut grants to local governmetns that undermine the immigration laws.

  • Improve record-keeping and enforcement to reduce visa overstays.

If such measures work, then we can talk about what to do with those already here.

When the WSJ says the ground is shifting against its pet policy, you can bet it is.

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