May 21, 2006

Mold In the Fridge of History

Lefty fauna
A lot of conservative bloggers make a habit of attending and reporting on left-wing rallies and parades.

Here, The Age of Hooper posts video of a "Hands Off Cuba and Venezuela" affair in DC. The folks at this particular rally are particularly creepy and stereotypical: harridans with bullhorns, senile hippies, black race hustlers without followers.

The march was sponsored by International ANSWER, a creature of the Workers' World Party, which was creepy in the Sixties, when they had a front group called YAWF. No, not "Yet Another Weirdo Fanclub," but "Youth Against War and Fascism."

"Youth" is a word once found in the poems of A.E.Housman, but nowadays is only used by communists and prison bureaus.

In his memoirs, Victor Serge, a Russian revolutionary and later an anti-Stalinist of sorts, describes the milieu of pre-1914 Paris--the same mix of vegetarians, spriritualists, socialists and what-not filled the salons. This food has been sitting in the same refigerator for a century or more--and man, is it moldy!

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