December 30, 2006

New URL For My Law Blog

I have had a law blog associated with my firm's website since February 2006, but after an initial burst, didn't post to it much, partly because it was created in iWeb, Apple's proprietary website editing program.

It creates pretty websites and has a simple interface, but the code is kludgy and the blog format in particular has problems, such as creating weird URLs. After Blogger came out with its new version, I did the work to move the old blog posts over to a new format and URL, which is a lot easier to use and loads faster.

I know that other programs are fancier, but I'm used to Blogger and the results are acceptable. The revised site is here. The content isn't new yet, but I hope to post regular long posts on legal issues.

UPDATE: The link was broken. Now it's fixed. My face is red.


I n g e r said...

Can't get there from here.

Happy new year!

Grumpy Old Man said...

Oops. I fixed the link and added another.