December 27, 2006

What if They Gave a Photo Op and Nobody Came?

The ineffable John Kerry went to Iraq, called a press conference, and no one showed up, so it was cancelled.

Then he went to breakfast, and even though there were many Massacusetts soldiers there, not a single one sat with him. They must be too dumb to understand the Senator's witty table talk.

As they used to say at the Montessori school, "So sad."

HT: Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: A commenter, below, says questions have been raised about the timing of the photo and hence whether it accurately shows soldiers' reactions to the Senator's notorious remarks. Michelle Malkin, from whom I borrowed the photo, has been asked similar questions, and responds here. I agree with her: if the photo turns out to be a fake, or a true photo used in a misleading way, I would owe the Senator an apology. According to Michelle's post, the matter remains uncertain.

Contrary to the commenter's implication, I would not want to state inaccurate facts about Sen. Kerry. Although I dislike his politics and his style, both of which are fair game in a public man, I neither need nor want to misstate facts about him.

FURTHER UPDATE: Michelle now rules that the debunker has been debunked.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Debunked, apparently.


Laney said...

The Kerry picture was made in or before January 2006, long before Kerry's joke. It's a quick breakfast, not a formal event of any kind. It appears to have been tampered with. It may have been made in England, not Iraq. See

Another fake Kerry photo.

An honorable person apologizes after passing on slander. Will you? Didn't think so.


Grumpy Old Man said...

See update above. The jury's still out.