April 17, 2008

Ten Questions

Silly me. I thought the Presidential campaign would be dull. It's depressing (as Mr. Roach says, like watching the Iran-Iraq war), but has had quite a few twists and turns more than faintly amusing.

I watched the debate last night. Both BHO and Hillary lost. The questions were terrible. Here are 10 questions I'd like to ask. I don't think any of them was.

Ten questions I’d like to hear, but haven’t:

1. Should we secure the Mexican border, whatever your views on legalization? If so, how? If not, why not?

2. Never mind mimosas with Weathermen–will you sell cluster bombs to Olmert? Will you outlaw torture, period?

3. What is NATO good for these days? Why not dissolve it?. What overseas military deployments (other than Iraq) will you reconsider, if any, and why?

4. Do you support any efforts at greater degree of energy independence? Aside from “green job” pipedreams, how would you achieve it?

5. Some young people are unsuited for college, and college for them? Can we do anything to train them so they can support themselves and their children?

6. Are you for trade restriction in any form, or for more negotiated trade deals? Or do you prefer to have it both ways?

7. Were (a) bank deregulation; and (b) bankruptcy “reform” mistakes? Should they be corrected?

8. Don’t you think the “war on drugs” is stuff and nonsense? Should we have done with it? Are there too many people in prison? What should we do about it?

9. What corporate welfare would you cut, if any?

10. Can you propose any federal policies to promote heterosexual marriage and two-parent families?

Not holding breath.


Danielaphant said...

Tough questions. Don't know how I would answer them, but I would like a President that could.

Deb said...

I think those are brilliant questions. Allexcept ten. I think same sex marriage is a good idea.

TK said...

DC Madam: liberty or death.

If, I mean, you need an entry point to entertain me.

Happy May Day.