June 4, 2008

Dies Irae

There's something painfully ironic about Pfleger's (if temporary) ouster.

He's been thumbing his nose at authority -- secular and sacred -- for years in pursuit of what he believes God has called him to do: fight for the poor and the oppressed; battle injustice in whatever form it appears, be it racism, sexism, or classicism; and to above all present the God of revolutionary love and radical grace to the world around him. That sometimes has meant disobeying civil and canon law.

--The Chicago Sun-Times

Gotta watch out for those Greek scholars. Give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile.


TK said...

Nice to see you here.

He was on such a roll--such lovely, lofty talk...

Hans Lundahl said...

Classicism injustice?

I am flabberghasted! (Not sure that word is used any more even in UK, or that it were ever used in US: if you do not know it, look it up!)

What's next? Smoking the pipe is unjust to cigarette smokers, because it is classy and less likely to give you lung cancer?*

Flabberghasted, I said.

Hans Lundahl

*if you keep to pipes, and did not smoke cigarettes before, the thing being the taste is sufficiently strong to give you a relish without drawing it down to lungs: which means you are also less likely to develop nicotine dependence...