June 18, 2008

Thought For the Day

From Kyriakos Markides, The Mountain of Silence:
“Marriage, for example, is considered by the Ecclesia [basically Eastern Orthodox teachings] as a form of askesis [method of spiritual exercise], an arena for transcending one’s ego absorption of the sake of the other. It is a mistake, Father Maximos argues, to consider marriage, as many traditional Christians do, as first and formemost a means for procreation. The primary aim of marriage is askesis engaged in by two people who are asked to overcome their separateness in their common ascent towards God.”
NB: ἀσκέσις means "practice, training, or exercise," as by an athlete. Marriage, thus, is just as much a spiritual journey as monasticism!

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Hans Lundahl said...

That marriage, after the fall, is an asketic cure against excessive concupiscence, is true; like cenobite monasticism also against egotism; but it was originally given to man before the fall, when asketism was not needed: and the supreme marriage feast will be in eternity, when asketism will no longer be needed (nor procreation, for that matter).

Hmmm ...