July 13, 2008


Obama's dropping in the polls. His lead's down to 1 per cent in Rasmussen's tracking.

This drop could be ephemeral. They've both had a lousy two weeks. But, then again, perhaps not.

Barack needs to get his groove back. Meanwhile, the electoral college map still favors BHO.

UPDATE (7/19)--back up a little, then down. Tied in Rasmussen. Odd, because the McCain campaign is invisible.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Saw your comment on Dr. Debs, I had the same initial thought that you did but I think for cases of Austism, etc. it would be a great help.

So you live on top of the world? I love it up there. I lived in Laguna (I was a Canyon girl - right near the Sawdust Festival) for years. One time a friend and I tied ourselves to an old tree that was going to be bulldozed by the City. We were ready for a huge fight....a big deal right? Well a swarm of bees came and ran us off. So much for commitment to the environment :) That was back in the 70's.

Take care....just had to say hello to a Lagunan!

Deb said...

I noticed how negative the media has been toward both candidates as well.

I always think there is a cycle to media. Bring em up, tear em down, build them back, rip em down.