July 28, 2004

Internationalism and Weaseldom

This story in the Independent shows how useless the UN is, even in the elementary task of protecting women and children against mass murder -- and even when the victims and the perpetrators are Muslims.

The Russians and the Chinese both have minorities they mistreat or might want to mistreat in the future, and the French have sworn their oath of fealty to weaseldom.

John Kerry's main overt criticism of the Bush Administration is that they didn't do enough to "internationalize" the war in Iraq, and involve the United Nations. The UN, however, is not the philanthropic fraternal entity advertised on UNICEF Christmas cards, but a carel of tyrants and kleptocrats.

The truth is that, whatever our failings, the prospect for any sort of decent world order depends not upon the UN but upon the leadership of the United States. We may wish to have this cup pass from us, but it won't, not for a long time.

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