July 29, 2004

Party of Creeps

Al Sharpton's speech at the Democratic convention won a huge ovation from the delegates, whose leftism has been muzzled for network television, to pull the wool over twelve independents in Ohio.

The truth is, they like Al Sharpton, not just tolerate him. And he sure is livelier than the creep they nominated.

There's a problem, though. Al Sharpton is an unreconstructed racist and opportunist. He tried to frame a small-town assistant DA in the Tawana Brawley case, which was a total fabrication, and has never apologized. He travels around the country trying to stir up unrest over police incidents, even non-events. And he appears to be personally corrupt.

None of this seems to bother the Democrats, who let this phony on the podium during the primaries along with the horrid dwarf Dennis Kucinich.

Every repulsive trend in our culture now finds its home in the Democratic party. And they flaunt it.

Kerry may be affecting a sudden appearance of moderation, and he might just be stolid and boring enough to pull it off. But he is upheld by a party that, judging by its activists' true spirit, is a party of creeps.

I could go on about what's wrong with Bush, but one can only shudder at the possibility that the party of Sharpton and Kucinich might actually come to power.

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