July 29, 2004

Where is the Outrage?

Robert Corr links to various reports on the situation in the Darfur region of the Sudan. Long story short -- the Arab Muslim government of the Sudan responded to a rebellion by African Muslim farmers in the Darfur region by arming and aiding Arab horseback militias to kill, rape, and drive out hundreds of thousands of civilians of African descent. These crimes are continuing.

The Arab states in the UN, Chiraqistan (formerly known as France), Russia and China are resisting sanctions.

Although I'm a sanction-skeptic, the fact that those who vote for every resolution about Israel, and denounce the war in Iraq that deposed a bloody tyrant, RESIST any action on these atrocities highlights the corruption of the UN.

Domestically, where's the outrage on the part of the Randall Robinsons, Julian Bonds, and Al Sharptons? These political whores, racists, and opportunists (some day I'll tell you how I really feel) are, of course, silent. No racial hay to be made here, no votes for the Democrats in this, no corporations to blackmail.

Well, no use getting angry at a rattlesnake because it's venomous. But it's important to remind oneself that it is venomous.

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