December 1, 2004


The news on the expansion of medical killing to children in Holland follows on the heels of the ritual murder of the enfant terrible filmmaker Van Gogh by a Muslim fanatic in the same country.

There is a demographic fear that as Europe's fertility falls below replacement value, Muslim immigration and higher birth rates will lead to the Islamification of Europe and end up making dhimmis, or tolerated minorities, of non-Muslims.

The decline in the birth rate has multiple causes, no doubt, but one may be the decline of traditional values and religion in general there. It's ironic -- a society which isn't making enough children licenses doctors to kill some of them.

Meanwhile, the Salafis and Islamists believe in something, and are ready to take human life in its name. Is Jim Geraghty right when he says, "Hugh [Hewitt] wonders why his favorite bloggers are saying nothing, so here's my brief bit of something: The canary in the coal mine just slumped over, coughed, and died."

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