December 25, 2004

Probably the Last Word This Year . . .

. . . on the "attack on Christmas" meme.

Power Line's Hindrocket is optimistic about the culture's ability to maintain the religious aspect of Christmas:
As government's sphere of influence has grown steadily over the past century, the concept of "separation" has become much more problematic. The most obvious example is today's vast public education system, which impacts most families more than almost any other institution, and which had no parallel in the time of the Founders. As government's tentacles have grown ever more intrusive, and more and more of our economy, our social institutions and our lives in general have fallen within the sphere of the state, there is a real danger that if religion is excluded wherever government is present, religion may be marginalized and virtually driven underground. This is, I think, the left's intention and strategy.

I just don't think it's working. The American people have stubbornly refused to fall in with the idea that religion is a disreputable anachronism. For whatever reasons, we are in the midst of a religious revival in America that is steadily moving our culture away from its European roots.

He's a pretty wise fellow. And in any case, the religious breed more than the militantly secular.

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