December 19, 2004

Prep-School Bolshevism

Like W., I went to Andover, one of the more inclusive of the New England prep schools.

Ever since then, I've been getting the schools alumni bulletin four times a year. Annually, the school asks for and gets substantial gifts from its alumni, who are corporate executives, law firm rainmakers, physicians, and heirs. Fair enough.

I recently received the Fall 2004 Bulletin, which reproduced this article from the Boston Globe, about an alumna, Kathy Mulvey, who directs an anti-corporate activist group formerly known as Infact. In the same article, there was a thick section listing expressing gratitude to the plutocracy for their generous gifts.

I was amused even while being alarmed.

Here was a celebration of a classic prep-school Bolshevik, celebrating her campaigns against the very institutions that make the Andovers of the world possible.

Among other things, Mulvey’s group’s campaigns sought to coerce General Electric “out of the nuclear weapons business.” I doubt I am alone among Andover alumni in understanding that U.S. superiority in nuclear weapons protected us and much of the world from domination by the bloodiest tyranny in the history of the world. In discouraging maintenance of the deterrent, the Mulveys of the world, whatever their motives, gave aid and comfort to those who were not only enemies of this country, but of civilization itself.

The WASP educational élite of the Northeast, however, appears to have suicidal tendencies, and picks its heroes accordingly.

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