September 2, 2005

The Mayor's Right: Emergency Action

In an angry interview, New Orleans Mayor Nagin said that getting volunteer school bus drivers to move people is not enough. He said they should send every Greyhound bus in the country.

That might be an exaggeration. But now that the airport is open, why not simply direct a fleet of large planes to move people out. The Israelis have moved thousands in days under terrible conditions, as in Ethiopia. The Berlin Airlift had plans landing every couple of minutes.

Why not a Presidential order to mobilize every other bus within 500 miles, and a fleet of jet planes to take off every five or ten minutes, and move these people to every major city. Let every church or synagoguue take 10 families, every town take 10 or 100 on the basis of its size. Why not a military takeover of Greyhound?

Why not divert cruise ships to go up the Mississippi, which is navigable, and load it up with people and take them to Houston or Galveston or Charleston?


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