January 22, 2006

Greenhut Gets a Twofer

Just below, I mention Orange County Register columnist Steve Greenhut's aside on Madagascar hissing roaches.

I always wonder if Steve Greenhut is related to my 7th Grade English teacher, also a Greenhut, first name "Mister," who had a way with unruly 13-year olds and a darker beard than Dick Nixon.

In any case, today's Greenhut column is a journalist's paean to the blogosphere. A libertarian, Greenhut rejoices in the sprawling diversity and freedom of the blogosphere, rejecting the "O dear, the sky is falling and the market for buggy whips is collapsing" attitude of so many in the press.

From his picture, Steve Greenhut looks like he shares the heavy beard with his putative cousin, Mister.

If Steve were as persuasive to politicians as Mister was in selling "Julius Caesar" to literarily challenged New York seventh-graders, California would be a better place.

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