January 27, 2006

The Three Ages of Man In the Big Box

I blew a good part of my day at Costco yesterday. I had a flat tire, and my Honda has one of those dwarf temporary replacement tires, so I had no choice but to replace the flat. Turns out Costco was having a sale, so there went the day . . .

It seems that Costco is now selling coffins. They already sold cribs. And diapers for babies and adults. Costco has the three ages of man covered.
In the Middle Ages the cathedrals hovered over the towns, and the fairs were in the open air. Sacraments marked the ages of man.

These days, little pligrimages to the big boxes, like the cathedrals always built on the same plan, but unlike the cathedrals not to last, accompany us from the cradle to the grave. And in Orange County many churches are in nondescript tilt-up buildings in our industrial zones.

The cathedrals will outlast both, even if they are turned into mosques.

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