January 17, 2006

One of Our Daughters to Remember With Pride

Myla Maravillosa, an American soldier from Hawaii, was killed in iraq on Christmas Eve, the Anchoress reports:
Maravillosa died from injuries she sustained when the Humvee in which she was riding was struck from behind by a rocket-propelled grenade. She was in the back seat of her vehicle, the last one in a convoy of five on a routine patrol.

“She met the sisters at the cathedral at Mass and she just felt right away the attraction for religious life,” said Sister Susan, one of the sisters who operate the downtown Pauline Book and Media Center. “She would come to visit us and volunteer at least a couple of times a week.

The Dec. 31 cathedral service was a somber hour of testimony and remembrances in words, pictures and music. The Rev. Gary Dale, a Protestant chaplain and Army major, offered the opening prayer.

“She touched so many in so many different ways,” Rev. Dale said. “She sacrificed her own (freedom) so that the Iraqi people could be free.”

Brig. Gen. Gregory Schumacher, commander of the Military Intelligence Readiness Command, flew in from Washington to speak.

“She approached everything she did with a positive spirit,” he said. “She was a servant of God, her country, her fellow man.”
Not all our young people are slackers. Some of our best are in the military.

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