April 23, 2006

Polynesian Political Games

I've been following the political maneuvering in Tahiti Nui, unfortunately known as "French" Polynesia.

There are two coalitions, one "autonomist," for which read "pro-Chiraqistani," and the other "independentist" which means maybe some day, if we can wean ourselves from French subsidies. Each coalition is made up of several parties. They are almost evenly matched, leaving the field open for betrayal and back-stabbing.

Apparently the autonomists, led by the Ferndando Marcos of Tahiti Nui, Gaston Flosse, thought they were about to secure sufficient defections to get their Dysonized snouts back into the public trough. The autonomists did manage to elect a turncoat as President of the Assembly.

However, independentist President Oscar Temaru outwitted the autonomists, and now appears to be secure for awhile. Oscar has been running around openly promoting independence (in 10 years or so), and referring to the country as "Tahiti Nui" (Greater Tahiti) instead of F.P. Whether any of this yet makes any difference to the ordinary Tahitian remains to be seen, although no one can best M. Flosse's snout at vacuuming fodder from the aforesaid public trough.

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