June 7, 2006

California Primary Results

Well, the votes are in.

The Democrats opted for an open lefty (more taxes, licenses for illegals) against the centrist Terminator. I think they lose. People may not be overwhelmed by Arnold's performance, but they like him. Angelides is pretty far to the left and will run a combative campaign.

The Meathead (Rob Reiner) lost his initiative to statify and stultify early childhood education, and library bonds got lost in the shuffle. Reiner lost big time. I think the tide is turning against initiatives, except maybe ones to punish criminals.

Billbray won a fairly close House race in a heavily GOP district. Good for the GOP that he won; alarming that the margin was as close as it was, and the amount of resources that had to be spent to save one of the safest seats in the state. Probably the challenger's taped and widely replayed remark implying that illegal immigrants should go ahead and vote made the difference. That's why candidates have consultants who try to keep them "on message" and keep their feet out of the mouth.

Orange County's weird Sheriff, Mike Carona, a nice guy with abysmal judgment, squeaked in. He would have lost a runoff. If he can keep it zipped and avoid appointing swine as his deputies, he'll be ok.

The OC voters also approved an initiative to ban eminent domain to benefit private parties. The effect is limited, because most redevelopment districts are in cities, which won't be affected.

The Republic hobbles on.

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