June 4, 2006

More Weird Prehistory

Scientists have found signs of a prehistoric crater in Antarctica, relics of a colossal collision that wiped out most life on earth, so they say, and made way for the dinosaurs.
Ohio State University scientists who found the crater said the massive Antarctic crater could explain the global extinction in the Permian-Triassic period when all animal life on Earth died out, clearing the way for the dinosaurs.

The massive impact probably broke up the ancient continent of Gondwanaland, pushing Australia out on its long drift north to its current position. The landmass that became India shot off first, while Africa and South America broke off later.

"This Wilkes Land impact is much bigger than the impact that killed the dinosaurs, and probably would have caused catastrophic damage at the time," said Ralph von Frese, professor of geological sciences at Ohio State University.
As with the Israeli cave crustaceans, I love this stuff.

Study your science, kids. Then you won't have to practice law or write press releases.

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