June 24, 2006

The Gray Lady Turns Another Trick

You don't have to love George Bush to understand that there are organized groups in the world that seek to kill our people and destroy our institutions. They destroyed thousands not very far from the New York Times building.

Nevertheless, so deranged are the folks at the Gray Lady with their hatred of George Bush that they have repeatedly endangered anti-terrorism efforts by thoughtless, nay, preening disclosure of important facts. The latest, apparently, are classified estimates regarding future troop levels.

Disclosure of military secrets in time of war is not investigative journalism. It's aiding the enemy.


More anti-Gray-Lady photoshopping here.

UPDATE: Captain Ed cautions that unlike the NSA and banking stories, the troop level reduction story may be a plant.

A good point. But it's still an anonymously sourced story based on classified information, or disinformation. And given the Times's track record, Cap'n Ed's speculation doesn't dissuade me from the view that it's another example of at best indifference and at worst hostility to US national security.

In short, they're still a bunch of arrogant hypocrites.

UPDATE II: Austin Bay analyzes the Times's motives and the likely consequences of the disclosure of the bank transaction-tracing story.

UPDATE III: Here's Times Editor Bill Keller's namby-pamby respnse to his critics.

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