September 24, 2006

It's Too Easy When You've Actually Seen the Movie

The "Unrepentant Marxist" doubles as a film reviewer.

Seems he went to see Little Miss Sunshine, didn't like it, and walked out after 10 minutes. This didn't stop him from posting about the flick, which I found quite funny in its own goofy way.

I used to have to write advance movie blurbs for a school paper whether or not I'd seen the movie. It never occurred to me to ask for the promotional mailing from whomever ordered the films. In mitigation, I was fifteen.

The UM, on the other hand, thinks Ingmar Bergman, who directed Wild Strawberries among other things, is a genius. This reminds me of an old joke about socialism and strawberries, which I'll modify a bit:
Scene: Union Square. A soapbox speaker is working the crowd.

"Come the revolution, we will be culturally emancipated and will all watch Ingmar Bergman movies for free!"

"But I hate Bergman!"

"Come the revolution, dammit, you'll watch Bergman and like him!"
You can't walk out of a Marxist revolution after 10 minutes.

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