September 19, 2006

Strange Bedfellows Redux: The Real Joe Carter

Joe Carter blogs at Evangelical Oupost.

In this post he lists some propositions to which he subscribes.

We're a lot closer in our views that I imagined. Here's a sample:
  • I'm not a Bush apologist. In fact, I don't particularly care for George W. Bush. I believe he is a generally mediocre President who has been thrust into an extraordinary time in history. On such issues as global terrorism or embryonic stem cell research, I believe he is right more often than he is wrong. Also, whether due to luck or skill, he has prevented any further terrorist attacks on U.S. soil; I give him credit for that occurring on his watch. He also averted the tragi-comedy of a Kerry Administration, so I have to give him that too. Still, my support for him is severely limited.
* * * *
  • I am indeed convinced that anyone who truly believes the U.S. is on the path to theocracy is a moron.

  • I don't condone torture or support those who do. I also don't think the word has been properly defined in a way that is useful in clarifying the political debate on the issue. There is a broad spectrum that ranges from undeniable acts of outrage to the type of discomfort that I was subjected to in Marine Corps Boot Camp. Confusing the term in order to bash the President has done more harm than good and may unnecessarily inflame anti-American sentiment .

  • That being said, if President Bush has authorized actions that I would consider torture then I think he should be condemned and held accountable.

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