January 23, 2007

Imagine If the Israelis Did This

Apparently some Shi'a militiamen in Iraq are expelling Palestinians:

Palestinians living in Iraq have been warned that they will be killed by Shia militias unless they leave the country immediately.

Iraqi police say the immigrants, who are mostly Sunni Muslims, are the target of a backlash by hardline Shias, including members of the Mehdi Army led by the Shia preacher Moqtada al-Sadr.

More than 600 Palestinians are believed to have died at the hands of Shia militias since the war began in 2003, including at least 300 from the Baladiat area of Baghdad. Many were tortured with electric drills before they died.

Wait. I thought the Shi'a Hezbollah supported the Palestinians. Well, in Lebanon maybe, so long as they stay in their camps.

As Emily Litella would put it, "Never mind." We went to war in a place we will probably never understand.

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