January 21, 2007

The National Museum of Stupidity

Tehran proposed ending support for Lebanese and Palestinian militant groups and helping to stabilise Iraq following the US-led invasion.

Offers, including making its nuclear programme more transparent, were conditional on the US ending hostility.

But Vice-President Dick Cheney’s office rejected the plan, the official said.

The offers came in a letter, seen by Newsnight, which was unsigned but which the US state department apparently believed to have been approved by the highest authorities.

In return for its concessions, Tehran asked Washington to end its hostility, to end sanctions, and to disband the Iranian rebel group the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq and repatriate its members.

--BBC News, via Eunomia.

The Iranians went along with the Afghanistan invasion.

The refusal to talk to the enemy is an old vice of our foreign policy. If this story is even half true, the stupidity of those who refused will be worthy of a monument. How about a National Museum of Stupidity? It won't be hard to fill.

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