February 15, 2007

I'm Not Disaffected, It's the Country That's Going To Hell In a Handbasket

Larison put me on to this on-line poliical typology test.

I emerged as "disaffected."
Basic Description
Disaffecteds are deeply cynical about government and unsatisfied with both their own economic situation and the overall state of the nation. Under heavy financial pressure personally, this group is deeply concerned about immigration and environmental policies, particularly to the extent that they affect jobs. Alienated from politics, Disaffecteds have little interest in keeping up with news about politics and government, and few participated in the last election.

Defining Values
Despite personal financial strain – and belief that success is mostly beyond a person’s control – Disaffecteds are the only moderate supporters of government welfare and assistance to the poor. Strongly oppose immigration as well as regulatory and environmental policies on the grounds that government is ineffective and such measures cost jobs.

Who They Are
Less educated (70% have attended no college, compared with 49% nationwide) and predominantly male (57%). While a majority (60%) leans Republican, three-in-ten are strict independents, triple the national rate. Disaffecteds live in all parts of the country, though somewhat more are from rural and suburban areas than urban.

Lifestyle Notes

Somewhat higher percentage report having a gun in the home than the national average, and 42% report someone in their house has been unemployed in the past year.
Somebody's missing something. I'm not a gap-toothed mountain man looking for black helicopters.

I just know the country is going to Hell in a handbasket, dammit. And if you want my guns you can pry them off of my cold, dead fingers.


TK said...

I'm laughing out loud--and wondering what nutty answers you must've given to have output as a nut job!

I thought I answered fairly conservatively--for me, anyway--and still I came out liberal. Maybe the center's off on the test. (You don't really own guns, do you? You seem like such a peaceable sort, and a doting daddy to boot.)

MensaRefugee said...

Anyone who comes out as a liberal are precisely the ones who are destroying the country.

TK said...

Um, right. It's the liberals.