March 2, 2007

Yet Again, The Fleshpots of Ndjamena

In retrospect, it would have been a good idea to send Saddam Hussein for trial in the Hague even though this would have required either convening a special court or an extension of the ICC’s jurisdiction, because his crimes took place before the ICC was formed. This was a missed opportunity. But in the future, American officials, whether Republican or Democrat, should put aside their qualms and make use of the ICC wherever possible to promote the international rule of law, a longstanding American cause.

--Max Boot
There's a deracinated class of internationalists. They live in think tanks, universities, corporate HQs, Geneva, New York, and the Hague. They are connected only to one another. They like alphabet soup, "human rights," and long, turgid reports.

Aryeh Neier (in picture, wagging finger). Kofi. For all I know, Max Boot.

I renew my suggestion that all these institutions be moved out of New York, Geneva and the Hague to Ndjamena (Chad). We'll see how popular they are, then.

People I hang out with (on line) want to abolish the United States Supreme Court, thinking this country has gotten too big and too centralized. I'm not there yet, but I sympathize.

Meanwhile, what was the old Bircher slogan? Something like "the US out of the UN; the UN out of the US," I think.

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