March 4, 2007

Furriners tells me who the last 100 visitors to my blog were, and I can dig down and find out where they come from.

Today, for the first time, more than half the visitors were from outside the United States. I'm not certain why. I don't think I've increased my posts on things non-American or of special interest to folks abroad.

Nor are the visitors from one place, especially. I've had visitors from Mongolia, Qatar, Mauritius and other places I've never seen but would like to visit. (One place I'd like to visit is Georgia-Gruzniya-Sakartvelo--not the U.S. Georgia, though it's nice enough--the one with Tbilisi as its capital).

It's certainly interesting to be communicating with people all over the world from my living room. There used to be "pen pals" via "snail mail." Now it's all with the click of a keypad.

The audience for this blog has also grown. It's not huge, but it's about double what it was a few months ago. I think it's the long tail of old posts. People search for things I've written about, of which there are many, and there are more visitors.

Thanks to all for your interest.

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