May 22, 2007

Open Borders Dystopia

The teetering compromise immigration bill, insofar as anyone can digest and understand it, is a disaster. The idea that the Senate should vote on it without hearings, and in short order, is a travesty. The Administration's betrayal of its voting base, in favor of its corporate money base, is typical, but shameful.

Here's what we are buying:
  • The transnationals will have their hard-working, docile proles. Unions? Fuggedabadit.

  • The nouveaux riches John Edwardses will have their brown lawn jockeys, gardeners, busboys and valets.

  • The Dems will have their voting cattle.

  • The blacks will have more unemployment and are already losing their neighborhoods in a hail of bullets.

  • The white working class are seeing their jobs and communities disappear, their children are becoming strangers in their own scools, and ultimately will lose their country.
Welcome to Brazil North.

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