May 16, 2007

Our First Four-Legged President?

[Hillary] is considered the experienced candidate, although she has had few responsibilities in her life (and no accomplishments) other than to be the put-upon wife of Gov./President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. But she now speaks easily of "our administration" when referring to the United States government from 1993-2000 (her husband's administration.) I wonder whether Socks the Cat and Buddy the Dog (whereever they are today, God bless them) also meow and bark about "our administration." But the media and the public accept that she is "experienced." I suppose she is, of a sort.

--Tony Blankley

Even if the poor fellow hadn't been run over, he'd need a court to hold that equal protection requires that we count his age in "dog years."

Charlie's available, depending on what the Press Secretary is eating.

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