March 7, 2008

Five'll Getcha Ten

This young woman, Eve Carson, was president of the student body at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She was shot last night by an unknown assailant.

No word yet, but five'll getcha ten the murderer was black, there will be no pronouncements by lefty faculty, no marches, no manifestoes. It doesn't fit the multi-culti narrative, even though black-on-white violence is far more prevalent than white-on-black.

There will also be no comment from Michelle Obama.


Deb said...

I'm not so sure, GOM. I guess time will show us.

Libertarian said...

An even bigger problem is actually black-on-black crime-- a huge number of young black people are killing themselves.

I'm not sure why this is, perhaps because of the failed drug war or a continued glorification of the "thug life."

A friend remarked to me that if a killer is a crazy person who does a type of mass shooting (think school shooting) or a person who goes nuts suddenly and kills a relative or relatives, etc., it's usually a white person, and if it's an economic-driven crime or a spur-of-the-moment thing in the street, it's usually more likely to be a black person. This is an interesting hypothesis that seems to be true from the cases I can bring up in my mind. Of course, the person killing someone in the street could also be mentally ill, but that type of murder usually has more of an economic motive.

I have also heard black leaders (such as Larry Elder) say that economics is not what drives the black crime rate-- they use poor white neighborhoods which are juxtaposed to poor black neighborhoods as examples. I'm not sure what else could be causing this (perhaps a certain type of hip-hop lifestyle as mentioned above, although that doesn't really make sense either because a lot of people of all races like hip-hop, although some could of course take the songs and "lifestyle" seriously and some do not).

Locally in Chapel Hill, we've had a few shootings this year where no one was killed-- each time, the hip-hop club the shootings took place in was shut down. Police generally blame it on gang members from Durham. There was also a Chapel Hill festival (Apple Chill) which was shut down permanently after Durham gang members started shooting for some reason. Perhaps the murder of Eve Carson is also their doing.

TK said...

Sad, sad thing. Can't imagine. Poor family.