March 5, 2008

Hillary Rasputin

Grigory Rasputin was the favorite of the last Tsarina of Russia, who was favored for his ability to relieve the illness of the hemophiliac tsarevich. Fearing Rasputin's influence on the imperial couple would lead to disaster for the nation, Count Felix Yusupov tried to kill him. Rasputin just would not die. He was poisoned, shot, strangled, clubbed, and ultimately drowned.

The assassination was to no avail. The Tsar was forced to abdicate, and he and his entire family, including servants, were martyred by the Bolsheviks.

The analogy to Hillary is clear. The Obama campaign keeps trying for the coup de grâce, but Hillary just won't die. She keeps coming back. It's by no means clear who can win the nomination. Obama still has the lead in delegates, but she's won the popular vote in all the big states.

I find her grating and a dangerous would-be National Nanny, but her unkillability is uncanny.

McCain seemed sensible and substantive in his speech. The networks cut away from Barack before he stoped talking, saying they gave him the same amont of time as Hillary.

Our national nightmare goes on.

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