September 20, 2004

An Exercise in Futlity and a Threat to Free Speech

The latest court decision on campaign finance reform:
"A federal judge has ordered the Federal Election Commission to enact tougher restrictions on how millions of dollars are spent on campaigns, saying that its rules have undermined the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law.

The decision affects 15 highly technical regulations governing campaign activity that, though not widely known outside the world of political operatives, serve as important guideposts for how to finance campaigns legally.

For example, one set of regulations restricts how candidates and political parties, which are subject to contribution limits, coordinate with independent advocacy groups like so-called '527'' committees, which can raise unlimited donations."

This whole puritanical effort has unpredictable results and simply redirects the money to less connected and more artificial groups -- the's of the world.

No restrictions and full disclosure is the best we can do in this area.

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