September 5, 2004

While Kerry and Bush Arm-Wrestle, Will Europe Burn?

Will Hutton writes about the mounting problems of Germany and France:

"With all eyes fixed on the American presidential elections, the scale of the looming crisis in France and Germany has gone largely unremarked. But it may so change the political geography of Europe that British arguments for and against the EU will be made redundant. A pervasive sense of decline in both countries, only partially justified but none the less virulent, is destabilising not just the structures of the EU - but the political systems of France and Germany."

It remains to be seen whether a free-enterprise liberalism (what we now call libertarianism), or a new, superficially right-wing version of social democratic statism will rise to power in the wake of the collapse of Schroeder and Chirac.

And Hutton does not discuss the ominous decline in fertility all over Europe (and in Japan), in Europe leading to immigration from North Africa and elsewhere.

As population declines in the wake of de-Christianization, will a more fecund and more faithful Islam rise to turn Europe's current population into dhimmis or worse?

Even if Pat Buchanan said it first, it's worth thinking about.

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